version-5The New Jersey International Soccer Association has established a Scholarship Fund to assist student(s) in their education or their training as a soccer player (special training, soccer camp, etc.). This scholarship fund is directed to those students who intend to pursue a Bachelor Degree in any fields provided that the student is a member of the High school soccer team.
Pertinent information and guidelines for eligibility are as follows:
1. There will be two (2) scholarships of $500 awarded.
2. The Scholarship Committee makes this award at its June Meeting.
3. Eligible applicants must be high school soccer players (males/females). They must be in good standing academically. A copy of their current progress report, a letter of recommendation from their school guidance counselor, and a 350 word essay describing how the sport of soccer has impacted their lives should accompany the application.
4. The student must be a U.S. citizen with a permanent home residence in New Jersey.
5. Eligible students must be maintaining at least a 2.5 grade point average.
6. Need, as well as scholastic, will be considered for this award.
7. The scholarship will only be awarded on an annual basis, however, students may reapply each year they are eligible.
Applications are due by April 30

SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM Purpose of Scholarship Programs The purpose of the scholarship program is to provide financial help to students who have played soccer in high school in pursuing their studies. The scholarship will be awarded by an athletic committee that will include the head coach of the swimming team. The recipient will be announced at the spring banquet. Student Qualifications and Requirements Scholarships will be awarded to high school students . These applicants have been required to submit the following materials for consideration by NJISA’s Scholarship Committee:  An essay of 350 words  Soccer player  A letter of recommendation from the school guidance counselor  A current transcript, including GPA of 2.5 minimum Scholarship Funds The scholarship funds will help a student cover the costs of his/her education or his/her training as a soccer player ( special training, soccer camp, etc.). Two (2) scholarships of $500 each will be awarded every year. Fifty percent of funds will be made available to the recipient on September 1 of the award year; the remaining half will be made available on January 2 of the following year. Fundraising Activities NJISA raises funds primarily through its soccer game events. Other fundraising sources may include members’ donated funds or other donations. Scholarship Selection The Scholarship committee carefully reviews the scholarship applications submitted by students and selects the most deserving recipient(s) based on the qualification requirements. Reported violations will be investigated by the scholarship committee. If violations are found to be true, funds if any will not be made available. OPERATIONS AND ACTIVITIES The operations and activities of the league shall consists of:
 Preparing, on an annual basis, an official tournament schedule acceptable to the majority of the participating soccer teams;  Conducting season tournament among participating soccer teams;  Maintaining the official records of the league;  Reviewing and distributing annually the NJISA Rules and Guidelines;  Promoting the activities of the league;  Administrating the scholarship programs;