Support NJISA members with professional advancement opportunities to help them develop their chosen field of study through mentoring programs, events, educational and workshops

Empower students by providing competitive scholarships to students focused on strategies to promote education and civic engagement.

Engage NJISA members and Professionals in our community’s ongoing social and educational development efforts by creating transformative partnerships that match passion, skills and expertise in a career oriented opportunities.


NJISA has pledged to annually provide at least two ($500.00) scholarships to deserving students who are college bound. This is one of the ways that the League gives back to the community and acknowledges the efforts of our young people with a minimum 3.00 GPA on a 4.0 scale. The application period opens on January 1, and closes on April 30.  These scholarships will be awarded to candidates that meet the criteria. Applicants must submit a completed application by the deadline stated above. Unfinished applications will not be considered.